About Us

A trusted exchange & global network 


NG Mobile Systems was founded in 2005 and began in prepaid telecom operating IDTcalls.com in association with the world’s largest prepaid telecom provider at the time.  The company evolved into the development of smart phone Apps such as NextGenCel™ for iPhone, Android, Nokia and BlackBerry.   The company then expanded into VoIP, gateway systems, chat, video, SMS and HD Voice™ while building international presence and creating telecom interconnections with the world’s leading carriers including Verizon, BICS, KPN and others. 

Today, NG Mobile Systems offers high quality voice terminations, data, mobile App and virtual SIM services, SMS, virtual DID numbering and a trusted exchange for telecom interconnections.


NG Mobile Systems SARL

55 rue de la Liberation
L-3511 Dudelange
RCS B108761
Telecom Lic. NEX-SVM-05
TVA: LU20854417


NG Mobile Systems Limited
4/F Kingswell Commercial Tower
171-173 Lockhart Rd.
Wanchai, Hong Kong
Reg. 2622887