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NG Mobile Systems is a lead provider of international switched voice services to the world’s telecoms and voice service providers.  Our telecom exchange customers and suppliers include fixed line, mobile, retail and VoIP service providers who buy and sell voice, IP, data, carrier, SMS, DID and other telecom services.


NG Mobile Systems offers the highest quality in interconnects with national carriers in every global market (mobile and landline).


Offering a wide range of scalable mobile messaging and digital services across industries, between business and consumers.


We offer customized platforms for pre-paid, international calling, VoIP, SMS, back-office control, and resellers.

HD Voice™

NextGenCel™ is certified High Definition Voice.


We develop advanced mobile Apps on Android and iOS for VoIP calling, SMS, Chat and Video.

World Numbers

We provide virtual phone numbers from over 40 countries to give you the global presence you need.

Licensed Telecom

We operate under Telecom License  NEX-SVM-05 and interconnect only with licensed national telecoms.


NextGenCel™ is a Trademark of NG Mobile Systems.

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